F1Streaming.com Team works hard to provide only quality services and to meet the growing needs of our clients. As a result, we want you to be happy with all our packages. Now see our refund policy!

Therefore, we offer a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee for any packages over $10. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the product you purchased from us or it just does not meet your expectations, you should CLICK HERE to notify us within 7 calendar days from the date of the purchase and we will process the refund.

Though before asking for a refund, we would encourage you to CLICK HERE to contact our support team to see if there is anything further we can do or try. Our support team does its best to solve any issue or to provide a fast fix to a problem. If this does not work for you and you already made up your mind to request money back, simply CLICK HERE to create a support ticket within 3 days of your purchase and we will make you a refund.

When requesting to return your money please let us know the reason you wish to cancel your membership, and if there is anything we can do to keep your business.

No refund is available after 3 days. Subscription packages of $10 and under are not refundable either. However, you can still reach out to our support team to avoid further re-bills (if you have selected trial offer during sign-up). Subscriptions that are for one time events or clearly states “NON-REFUNDABLE” are not refundable at any time.

If you have technical difficulties enjoying one-time-event subscription, open a ticket HERE before the event so that our support team can assist you in a timely manner.

For security reasons the credit card you use to purchase any of F1Streaming.com Packages must be valid when you request a refund. We cannot refund to a credit card that has expired or been cancelled.

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